Supply Chain

Leverage blockchain to deliver transparency and efficiency across the entire supplier network


of large companies say that the lack of supply chain process visibility is their top concern.

Deloitte, Lizzie Tantam

Reduction In Waiting Times for Materials and Equipment

Schedules are being synchronized near real-time and all parties involved share the most accurate data.


Cost and Complexity Reduction

Achieve high-scale savings through transparent and efficient information exchange.


Authenticity And Traceability Throughout The Supply Chain

Goods produced are being tracked and activities performed traced to achieve full visibility.

Unlock profitability and achieve savings by transforming the entire supply chain into an efficient, less expensive, and highly connected ecosystem.

Supply Chain Excellence in Automotive Achieved by Leveraging Blockchain

Extend the existing ERP/SCM systems with blockchain and connect suppliers with robust and collaborative blockchain platform.

  1. Decentralized application (D-app) integrated with an existing ERP/SCM/Web application of each supplier and OEM.
  2. D-app converts data from ERP/SCM into transactions/supply chain events and sends to the blockchain network for validation and recording.
  3. D-app maintains a local database (identical to a blockchain ledger) enabling fast querying and analyzing of shared content.

Integrating blockchain into your business doesn't need to be complex