Originality and Provenance

Trace the product history, eliminate counterfeits, or support product recalls


of the art market consists
of fraudelent products.

$1.2 trillion

global pharmaceuticals industry is damaged by 10-15% of counterfeits.

World Health Organisation

Reduction of Counterfeits

Products assembled by original manufacturers receive a “birth certificate” stored in blockchain, thus eliminating counterfeits.


Protection of Consumers

The end-consumer is assured the product is authentic and has been produced by the respective brand or original manufacturer.


Elimination of Insurance Frauds

Insurance companies benefit from end-to-end visibility across the entire value chain.

From a ‘birth certificate’ to tracing the entire history of a product in a transparent and trusted way.

Driving Compliance, Traceability and Eliminating Counterfeit Products

  1. Record "product birth certificates" - bill of materials, part numbers, batch numbers, and tracking ID’s.
  2. Record "logistics" – route, tracking info, status, other and "storage" data - IoT sensors tracking environment conditions, other.
  3. Record “delivery” - shipment receipts, conditions and other data.
  4. Check the authenticity and journey of a product – whether it was stored and transported according to manufacturer specifications, and whether a batch has been "recalled" and more.

ERP & Information Systems Integration

Blockchain integration to today’s manufacturing execution systems (MES), ERPs, SCMs, and logistics systems enables the sharing of trusted data among all participants.

IoT & Smart Devices Integration

IoT sensors represent one of the fastest growing technologies today. Combined with blockchain, they provide true transparency and trust, and help track the history and authenticity of items.

Integrating blockchain into your business doesn't need to be complex