Exchange documents peer-to-peer, securely, and cost-effectively using blockchain


of businesses receive fraudulent and suspicious invoices carrying viruses and other potential threats.

Building the Future with Electronic Invoicing

Increase Speed, Decrease Costs

Near real-time information exchange that reduces the amount of print materials, post messages and archive storage.


Fraud Reduction, Less Disputes

Blockchain by nature creates an immutable digital ledger which increases the reliability of data and creates trust and transparency among its participants.


Secure & Business Compliant

Advanced encryption methods, integration with world-leading ERPs and Accounting Systems, and exchange of various types of business documents.

Immutable solution for exchanging business documents, enabling companies to reduce costs and drive process efficiencies.

Integrate ERP Systems Easily

Fast adoption and true peer-to-peer information sharing of various types of business documents regardless the ERP system or technology used. We support SAP S/4HANA SAP Business One, with more to come in the near future.

Cost-saving potential for e-invoices exchanged through blockchain

Paper e-Invoice
Print, envelope, send 4.15$ 0.00$
Payment reminder 0.53$ 0.43$
Remittance & cash management 4.79$ 3.19$
Archiving 2.34$ 0.85$
Total cost (per invoice) 11.81$ 4.47$
Building the Future with Electronic Invoicing

90% Savings

Blockchain can deliver over 90% savings to e-invoicing while providing transparency and trust among parties.

Advance your business with
e-Documents on blockchain